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I grew up next to the Perrens my whole life. Heidi, Meredith, Alex and my brother, Matthew, and I have been known
to be in a rock band together in our younger, formative years. (Matthew on a cardboard guitar and us girls in matching jean skirts, of course.)
We have shared lemonade stands throughout our childhood and played ‘house’ like it was going out of style, all summer long.
Matthew and I were in and out of Chris and Peters house all of the time. When we kids decided to build our own home, in the
form of a snow castle on the font lawn in February, Peter was the one who stayed out with us all night for our ‘fun’ sleepover.
We don’t see each other as often anymore but they are some of the best people I know. May I add that the day of Geordie and my wedding
all the Perrens plus Mark and Colin (Heidi & Meredith’s men) were moving chairs, stringing decorations and tying ribbons.
They just showed up! The day after the wedding they were there when we got home, taking it all down.

Neighbors. are. the. best.

These were taken in 15 mins the day after our wedding, it’s not easy to have everyone home at the same time anymore!Perrens_6704
We had to include Mark & Colin! Our childhood troupe is expanding!

Oh Alex your mustache is so fabulous. Doesn’t he wear it well!
Alex was the magician extraordinaire at our wedding. He likes juggling with fire, riding his unicycle and long walks on the beach.

Meredith & Colin. I just met Colin and was so glad to finally meet him.
Neighborhood news travels fast and I had heard good things.
p.s All of them true.


Heidi & Mark! So rad. I wish we all lived closer.


I can’t remember if they were laughing at me or someone behind me. Hmmm.
By the way, Chris is an extraordinary quilter and gave Geordie & I an amazing quilt as a wedding gift.
If you’re in Canmore October 18th it will be hanging at the Seniors Centre for the Quilt Show.


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