The Briggs – Sneak :: Brooks, Alberta Photographer ::

My camera is at the Spa. Just like me it needed some knots massaged out from all the
photos we had taken together. My back was sore from it’s heft, it’s sensor was dirty from the work.
We went our separate ways when I arrived and therefore I have no exciting NY photos to share. For now.
Get this, the leaves are A) still green here and B) still on the trees, it’s like a second Fall for me!

Instead of New York, here is Julie, Scott and Eddie. One of my last photos sessions before heading to the East Coast.
We had an amazing time in the leaves and grass running around the park.


Eddie was crazy for the leaves. Once we started we had a hard time stopping.


I love family hugs!  briggs_9894

Enjoy the weekend! My camera should be back from the spa next week.

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