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And by trying to post often while I am away, I meant once.

New York City is a busy city and I am grateful to feel like it is a little bit like home. I used to live here 6 years ago when I interned for Magnum Photos. That initial trip also introduced me to Alison Rossiter who has since become a close friend and also mentor who I work for often. This trip I have been helping Alison with her amassed paper collection in her NY studio.

I have gotten to explore the Chelsea area of NY this trip and have fallen head over heels in love with the Highline, a new park in the city. The Highline was the old railway track that sat a few stories above the road. Abandoned it had become an overgrown unused landscape. NOW! It is a modern, clean and architecturally sculptural walking path with a refreshing dose of vegetation. Here is a side garden of the park.
(Picture a beautiful bride in the middle of it!!)


Another hot topic while I have been here is the New York Yankees. Can I get a woot woot! They won last night. My trip this year has coincided with Halloween, The New York Marathon and The World Series. The Empire State Building shines in a variety of colours, last night to celebrate the Yankees game in town it was blue and white.


Lastly… The Standard Hotel. My new favorite NY hotel. Although I have not been inside, the beauty of this place, floating on concrete stilts above the Highline, was enough to get my attention. Last night I went on a architectural photography mission and instead of my perfect lines I will share this whimsical photo of the place. Little did I know that Madonna, her new boyfriend Jesus something or other and Martha Stewart were partying inside with some DJ.
I read it in the paper this morning.


My next post will be from home as I am a terrible blogger on the road.

November 6, 2009 - 7:52 am Dana - I am in love with those first two ;) Looks like someone got a tiltshift lens!!! Yay for new toys!! ~ahem~ I mean gear. Everyone NEEDS really great gear. :)

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