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Disclaimer : I may go off on a tangent…

I’ve mentioned this before and if you’re one of my near and dear friends or family you’ve heard it a lot.
I love to love. Anything and everything. I have a heart load of gratitude and appreciation on almost every given day.
Sometimes it’s for the wicked sunrise (like this morning) or else it’s for the¬†cuddly¬†hugs I get from my nieces and often for the
realization that I have the best life
ever. I do.

I had a big wedding post planned for today, you know to kick off the week, to get back in the game. Yesterday I attended a workshop by Becker
in Calgary put on by the CIFP and he got me to thinking. I think he got everyone to thinking. How to be better, do better, see better. I also realized again how
lucky I am to have this job, to have people support me, hire me and trust me. It’s a big deal! There are a lot of reasons why I love my job but
mostly it’s getting to hang out with happy people and catch them in their moments. all. day. long.

I have shared this photo before, but I want to share it again and include two more. I love my job because of these moment.



I get to hang out with these people! Happy people. People in love. It makes me happy and makes me love to love my job even more.

Now… on a slightly different topic…

I missed a post on Remembrance Day or Veterans Day in the US. I didn’t mean to forget because I had been remembering all day.
My parents encouraged my brother and I to always pay attention to Remembrance Day. It was a big deal for us.
No matter where I have been on Nov. 11 I have always be thankful and remembered.
Last year & this year I heard this on the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean and if you’re not familiar with him or the Vinyl Cafe I suggest you get into the podcasts,
he is a very special storyteller. This particular podcast is spot on and while belated, as most things with me, it’s worth a listen.

The point of this post is that I am going to funnel my love to love into a weekly post. This one is a bonus post.
I am going to collect all my moments and share them with you on Fridays. It’ll be the ‘good news heading into the weekend post.’

For now it’s the good news heading into the week.

November 16, 2009 - 5:35 pm Okaasan and Otousan - We are o so proud of you, well said and great pictures

November 16, 2009 - 6:42 pm mels - Oh Rachel- how i miss thee! I loved your Wednesday drop ins at Lubelle. I wanted to share with you that the awesome photos that you took of Nate and I will be a feature wall at our wedding. Dad has printed them out (all in b&w) and framed them with old wooden frames and then we will tie them to the tennis court fence in a an interesting display. I love that you love love and I am so happy that you caught our love on camera!! Mels

November 16, 2009 - 7:28 pm Diane - a truly heartwarming post. I too feel fortunate to be doing this job. And it seems we must listen to a lot of the same radio. During CKUA's recent fundraiser I heard your name as one of the contributors and now you bring up one of my all time favourite CBC storytellers. At dinner this evening my husband and I discussed driving to Edmonton to catch his Christmas tour in December. Good news all around.

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