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August 1, 2009
Yep, that’s how behind I am. But, just so you know, I’m a machine right now and won’t stop till I drop.
In the meanwhile….

Mitchell is my cousin and I couldn’t be happier that he found Melody. These two are crazy about each other. with a capital C.
Melody is originally from the Philippines and I loved how many Philippino details there were, like the boys outfits and the mothers outfits
and the good food at the reception. (I love to eat!)
The day was hot or ‘hawt’ as I would say it in my head. The ceremony was at 11am and it was scorching already. We had a ton of time for
photos afterwards… right before the big storm rolled in. The wind was crazy, we almost blew out of our underwear. Then came the rain.
Thankfully the reception was inside. The storm tore the whole gazebo from the ground and gave it a few good head butts… I didn’t actually
see any of this happen but I know we were all glad this storm didn’t happen the day before.

Without further ado…. the beautiful, the handsome, the loving and my family…. Mitch & Melody.



This is my aunt and uncles property at Lake Isle… it couldn’t have been a more spectacular setting for a wedding!





I absolutely LOVE watching the groom watch the bride. Especially since it was my cousin and the love was pouring from his eyeballs.
Sisters are the best.

Ta Dahhhh!!!! Married!


geisler_5202 copy.c

Awesome big and bright bridal party! Total win for me.

geisler_5882 copy


We headed out on my uncles McGregor for some pictures too. The lake looked so refreshing, but I stuck to the plan
and didn’t go for a swim, instead I watched the love birds!


The reception was so much fun and everyone arrived safely through the storm.

Melody’s side of the family arranged this fantastic duo dance! These two kids were in sync and did a FULL ROUTINE!
As a closet dancer and someone who LOVES routines, this blew me away. I wish I had video!

And then we danced! I got to kick off my camera and shoes and did some crazy spins and twists too.



Congrats you two!

November 20, 2009 - 6:49 pm Annelies - oh Raggel, You outdid yourself, the pics are awesome!!!! You know i had seen some from other people and yet i kept going....ohhhh ohhh so nice...and ohhhh...and yes a tear ran down my cheek you know me!!! beautifull absolutely beautifull.....thank you sweetie...

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