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Max & Michelle are marvelous. I posted a sneak peak forever ago and said that this was one of my favorite weddings of the year.
It really was. I only spent a few hours photographing them but sincerely, the love and respect and humour that poured out of these two and
their family and friends was overflowing. I know that you’ll be able to tell through the images. It’s so obvious!

I first met Max and Michelle when they travelled to Brooks for their engagement session.
They travelled to Brooks for their engagement session!
How cool is that! They were easy to photograph then and their wedding was a whole other level of photogenic-ness.

I loved the music they chose for their ceremony. Michelle sent me a copy of the Alexi Murdoch CD a few weeks ago and it’s still on repeat.
The best part was when the cue came for them to exit and “You are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne belted loudly from the speakers.
That was Geordie and my exit song. Not a common exit song. My heart was so warmed by these great music loving people!

Without further ado…this is a bit of a long post.


Max was so at ease getting ready and Michelle’s brothers were working on hard on their ties. I love this moment.



My favorite moment of the day. I love watching the groom watch the bride but Max’s brother watching Max is a close second.


The wedding took place at Nakoda Lodge. It’s known to be windy there. It was a little windy that day. What a spectacular location though.




Max & Michelle included their siblings on their own sides so it was a mishmash of boys and girls and these two were paired at the end.
I love it when family is so valuably included into the ceremony.




Boys do seem to have a need to climb things. I don’t think they ever grow out of it. Nor should they.


They said they weren’t photogenic. Sure.

No words needed…







I was really lucky to be a part of Max & Michelle’s day. It was a happy day and there is nothing that I love more than a good old fashioned day of love and happiness.
Forever and ever.

The end.

November 23, 2009 - 11:28 pm Brittany - Umm.. if those girls aren't photogenic I don't know what that makes the rest of us! They are flipping gorgeous! You captured their day beautiful, love the colours of the leaves and they looked like they are an absolute blast and delight to work with. Congrats to the happy couple!

November 28, 2009 - 3:10 pm Donna - These are so great Rachel. Some of my favourites you've done!

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