Love2Love :: Brooks Alberta Photography Special ::

I am now willing Spring’s arrival.
I love seasons. When Winter arrives I can’t imagine a better timing for snow and when Spring arrives I can’t imagine a
better time to break from the snow. Lately it’s been windy, or gusty and when you live on the prairies without the protection
of big rocks or trees it can be rather un-settling…or more like “pull your hair out I’m going CRAZY.”

Hey – we survive, I know there has to be an end in sight. I was considering being a farmer during the Friday snow storm
and how hard these spring storms are during calving season, and then I thought to myself “suck it up princess.” In my brothers voice.

So, as to will spring here I thought I would offer a spring portrait special to the brilliant people of the prairies.
If you are a fan of my Facebook page you would have seen this on Friday :)
There are limited spots available.

Here’s too looking forward to some sunshine!


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