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What a week of blogging.
I’m going to love Vitamin D and the Sunshine that brings it today.

I feel pretty lucky to live in a place where I can experience all 4 seasons. The highs of +30C and the lows of -30C
Both are charming as is everything in between.
When I walk out of my house these days I smell the lake; the dewy grass and feel the warmth of the air as I walk into it.
Hearing the birds cackle and hoot is the best way to fall asleep.

I always talk about loving the blue bird wintery days and sound of snow underfoot.
Same goes for the wicked thundershowers of Spring and the bright red leaves of Fall.

Now that it is time for Summer I can love it with arms wide open.
The same way I do with every season.

My garden is blooming, the dandelions are multiplying and the lilac trees are ready to POP!

Cheers and high fives (I know, so 90’s of me) to the next Season!


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