Jenni + Scott :: Brooks, Alberta Wedding Photography ::

As I sat editing these images I kept noticing a big smile crossing my face.
These images took me right back to that beautiful July day with Jenni and Scott.
I noticed right away Jenni’s laid back attitude when her dress came downstairs with a minor mark on it and she shrugged it off with grace.
Her girlfriends crowded around her with so much love and devotion, it was beautiful to see them all working together to get Jenni ready.
Scott and I had never met, but as he peeped his head out of the bathroom to say hi I could see his ear to ear grin and knew it was going to be a magical day.

Jenni and Scott not only looked at each other with awe, but I felt like their families looked at each other with awe, respect and appreciation.
Their reception was so lively and the room was constantly filled with laughter. These two know how to have fun.

It was a very special day for me to be a part of and I wish Scott and Jenni the best!

September 5, 2013 - 4:54 pm Karen - Love the picture of Jenni at the reception where she is looking at Michael like she can't believe he just that! So Jenni and so funny :)) Great capture of a look I have seen many times.

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