The Van Der Linde Family, Brooks Alberta Photographer

I have a very big soft spot for this family.

As neighbors, you can’t get any better. They are fun, happy, loving and feel more like family than friends.

These two little boys have left their little finger prints all over my heart, watching them grow from babies to boys has been a gift.
We are getting ready to move houses and while we are thrilled to gain some extra space, I am not sure how exactly I am going to adjust
to not being able to see them almost every day, or being able to throw tin foil to each other from our balconies or just sharing time on our lawn.
We refer to Odette as Mama Odette and her parents have also become such a big part of our lives. They were visiting for the summer and
I was so happy to photograph them with their grandboys!


October 10, 2013 - 7:22 pm melanie - gorgeous pics!handsome boys!

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