Andrea and Colin are Married :: Jasper Alberta Photographer ::

Andrea and Colin were married on a beautiful July day at the Jasper Park Lodge.
The days before had been rainy and questionable. Flights had been moved from Edmonton and
guests took school busses to other cities to hop other planes and in the end…. everyone was there and the sun shone.

Colin and Andrea both come from wonderful families and I have had the luck to photograph
Colin’s brothers wedding in the past. It is always an added bonus to work with great people and
see fierce love between two people and within their families.

I was also lucky to work with Jennifer Bergman Weddings whom I had been hoping to work with for a while,
and I was also lucky to have Tessa Perkins with me collecting images of the big day. The staff at the JPL were
wonderful as well, and the setting could not have been more visually spectacular.

This is a wee bit of a longer post, but it was incredibly hard to edit down Andrea’s wide smile and Colin’s loving eyes.


November 5, 2015 - 12:53 pm Andrea - Looking back over the pictures and reminiscing....we love them!!

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