Today is Tuesday :: Brooks Alberta Photographer ::

I was a tad sidetracked and missed a few Tuesdays! Last week I jetted off to New York City for a quick trip
to see my dear friend, Alison Rossiters, show at the Yossi Milo Gallery.

I met Alison 11 years ago, after she so graciously picked me up from the airport in New York after a mutual family friend
asked her to. We had never met, or heard of each other before then.
Alison was my first contact during my internship at Magnum Photos. She picked me up from the airport,
taught me how to use the subway, gave me great NY lessons and was always available to save me from my crazy roommates
and taught me how to colour print. That’s the quick version. Fast Forward 11 years and many photo adventures in between and I couldn’t miss
this amazing show. Alison has worked so hard on this work and I was so happy to see it in person.

New York had me very inspired. I dusted off an area of my brain that hasn’t been very well used lately.
I have lots of new ideas for personal work and some new portrait ideas too.

Speaking of Portraits. A few weeks ago, I did a bit of price revamping.
I have now included a mini session to my regular portrait session packages, as well as a
disc package to go along with it.
Consider this it’s official unveiling!

Happy Tuesday All Around!

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