The Terris Crew :: Brooks Alberta Photographer ::

This was such a joyous impromptu session and it everything about it worked out
magically. I’m not sure if you can see those golden leaves, creating dappled lighting
with the late evening sun? Yes, it was special.
THEN, insert the Terris crew. We chased, we ran, we twirled and we laughed.
How can you not laugh with these five.
Erica has a great laugh, a bright and beautiful smile and a strong presence.
Ian has a big smile, a loving gaze (*directed at Erica, see below for proof) and a giant heart.
And, these two are surrounded by a trio of brilliant daughters.

A couple days after this session Erica underwent a big Thymectomy operation, and came
out just as strong on the other side. I tip my hat to you friend!







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