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This blog post is so loaded with good stuff.
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My Feature Friday
(which IS NOT actually a thing, in case you come back next Friday expecting this same awesomeness)
is so full of great things, starting with the Giveaway Winner….

A two hour documentary lifestyle session.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to comment on my blog with your extraordinary ordinary, and also those
who took the time to share my Instagram and Facebook messages.
I am looking forward to a year of photographing your true stories, and this is just the tip of an giant iceberg.

So… back to the winner, who was drawn randomly from a hat, last night, at my house is…..

Ryan Kiedrowski!

I’ll get in touch with you via Facebook!

Next up…
If you are from Brooks, Alberta, you are likely familiar with the Pink Ribbon Project a local event which raises awareness and provides education about breast cancer.
PRP as it is known as is part of the Full Circle Foundation (FCF), which is a local non-profit organization that does education, advocacy and fundraising for wellness,
including mental health and suicide prevention. And, why might you ask am I bringing this up?
Because the FCF is huge part of the Rutherfords families life, and they are my documentary lifestyle photo family featured today.
The FCF organization was founded by the Rutherford girls and a group of friends,
now turned dedicated board members who are committed to making a difference in Brooks.

I met the Rutherford family early on in my days in Brooks. Jody and Doug always had a friendly wave and a bright hello to offer and their
daughters, Ashley, Carmen and Tara share the same bright kindness.
I was more formally introduced to them all through Ashley and Dales wedding
several years back. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had a bit of a friend crush on this family.
The speeches, love, care and attention that were a part of Ashley and Dales wedding is not something that I had seen often,
or have seen to the same degree since.
The longer I have lived in Brooks, AB, the more I have gotten to know them.
From photographing Carmen and Adam’s family when P was just a wee man, to maternity sessions and many large family sessions, I have had
the opportunity to watch this family grow and to see the love and appreciation and very importantly, the respect that they have for each other.
More so, they are supporters of each others important causes.
When Jody, was diagnosed with breast cancer, they took it upon themselves to use their information
as knowledge that could be passed on to others and they started the PRP which is a local town favourite event to attend every year.
(If you have never attended an event, I highly recommend it being on your social calendar this year)
When Dales brother, Dallas, died by suicide almost 2 years ago, they decided to bring mental health and suicide prevention to their mandate.
Their constant support of each other is strong and admirable.
I also love watching the men in this family support their wives and each other.
Dougs gentle and caring way is so large when you get to watch him with this daughters and grandkids.

Ashley, Tara and Carmen are a tight knit sister unit and are often seen together.
When they are not our running marathons as a team in support of the Movember Foundation,
they are building relationships at the Alberta Legislature for the FCF. (This makes me wonder what I actually got done last year!)
And, this weekend they are teaming with our very own Brooks Bandits Minor Hockey Team to “Break the Silence” during their charity jersey night on Saturday January 21st.
Game goers are encouraged to wear green in support of the Bandits, who are partnering with  the Full Circle Foundation and
Grasslands Innovation Wellness Team in Brooks for this years event with proceeds of the jersey auction going to the Canadian Mental Health Association.
Isn’t this awesome! Their energy is infectious!

This past December I asked the Rutherfords if I could come and photograph them again.
But this time, with a lifestyle documentary spin.
They invited me into their home during their annual
“Skate on Dougs homemade rink and decorate gingerbread in Jodi’s kitchen”
With 8 adults and 6 kids I was excited to see what would unfold.
I’ve made a video slideshow to highlight some of my favourite moments.
Enjoy and head out to cheer on the Bandits and this fine family at tomorrow nights hockey game.

January 20, 2017 - 11:22 am Ryan Kiedrowski - Oh wow!!! We are beyong excited! Thanks for this amazing gift - can't wait to have you visit our crazy crew!

January 24, 2017 - 12:39 pm Debra Berg - magnificent Rachel...you can fly. Love this concept.

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