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I wanted to start a Feature Friday post ever since I did one a couple weeks ago, and then
joked with all of you that it “wasn’t a thing” But, maybe it could be a thing!

For awhile I have been wanting to highlight all of the fabulous wedding industry people that I get to work with
on a fairly regular basis in Brooks, AB and area as well as in Canmore, AB.
There is nothing as great as showing up to an event and seeing your friends working their magic.

So, I’m starting with Lindsay and Amanda.
I have had the privilege of working with these girls for almost 8 years.
It all started way back when Lindsay was married and I was hired to be her wedding photographer.
From there, it’s been a snowball of collaborations, weddings, family photo sessions and events.
I’m going to share some old work that we have done together below. It’s almost vintage!

Lindsay and Amanda are both Brooks, Alberta locals and have worked as estheticians for many years.
Before beginning families they owned a joint business, Adora Day Spa, in Duchess, Alberta and have since moved to home based businesses with
a strong mobile make up wedding business. They have a knack for creating a natural look, and I always know that when I get to work
with them, I don’t have to worry about editing out makeup lines or minor imperfections, they get it right.

I think one of the perks of living in a small town and working in a small town is the connectivity to people and clients on a daily basis and
I think Amanda and Lindsay would agree that it’s always fun to see familiar faces at events and to have the opportunity to
work with people over and over again. After photographing Lindsay’s wedding I had the privilege of photographing
several of her friends weddings and then their families as they grow and having the chance to see
the same people again really relaxed my role as a photographer
as I had already established relationships within certain wedding parties and I felt more freedom.

As a team Lindsay and Amanda have enviable connection. Friends and Business Partners. Dreamy!
I’ve loved watching them work together and just “get” what the other one is doing, or what needs to be done.
They create a very positive and relaxing environment for their clients and I am always lucky when I get to be
there as a fly on the wall, watching their clients reaction to their work on their wedding day.

So, I’ve giving them my first Feature Friday.
If you are a bride in the Brooks, Alberta area, getting married this year, or next year and looking for a reliable, natural, positive MUA experience,
here is how to get in touch with them….
Lindsay: 403-363-9420 and Amanda 403-378-4648

Happy Weekend!




I told you vintage! This is Lindsay & Amanda + Rachel & Vermelho (Canmore, AB)  hair collaboration circa 2007alex



Then Lindsay got married to Logan.


Then Amanda’s little boy arrived. 

Then Lindsay’s little girl.farrah_6210.bw

Then Lindsays little boy.hardy
And then everyone is in this new fabulous stage of their lives; raising families and working hard!


Boy that was a fun look back down memory lane!
Thanks for joining!

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