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This is a bit of a personal post, and I am certainly not the best about writing about myself!
I love writing about how amazing you are dear reader and client, but I will take a moment to share about about me and my own life
and why I think photographs are so important.

All of the photos below are of me!
This is a little history of my adult life as a daughter and as a mother.

I was very lucky to have the very best mother in the whole wide world.
Yes, I am totally biased; she was kind of a big deal!
My Mom and I were great friends. We travelled the world together, along with my Dad and Brother and
later on in life we did a trip together to China and Tibet. We loved each other, we spoke almost daily and she coached me to find the silver lining in life daily.
She was positive, happy, motivating and also human, which means we had our fair share of fights and struggles.
She also taught me how to be brave, how to admit when I was wrong, or how to fight when I was right.

My Mom passed away almost 5 years ago and I think about her every single day.
That is not an exaggeration at all. I really do. I miss her, but I also think about how happy
I am that she was my mother, or I think of how much she would laugh at what my kids are doing,
and sometimes I think of how she might not agree with how little I clean my windows!

My Mom had this funny thumb, it was a bit double jointed, and the nail was wobbly on top, maybe from a hammer accident in her youth,
and her hands were well worn. If anything, she was a hard worker, and used her hands to garden, woodwork, haul furniture, and her
hands were a great expresser of her work. I miss her funny thumb. I miss her rubbing it on my temple when I couldn’t sleep at night when I was
younger. And hilariously enough, I love that I have a photo of her hand, and although not her funny thumb hand but I can feel the expression in her hand,
and the way it’s getting ready to steady me.

These photographs are treasures for me.
This is why I love being a photographer and capturing your life moments, your hugs, your kisses, your tears,
because I know how important they are for myself.
I believe in life’s authentic moments and being in the photo, and passing it on.
Which is why I know it’s important for Moms to also get in the photo.
The first photo of my Mom and I is actually one of my daughters favourite photos. I love that we are looking at each other.
If I’m telling the truth, we both started crying. It was hard to take these photos. My Mom was sick at this point, and we just wanted to hold
onto each other forever, and I am lucky to have a photo for myself of what that felt like.

Now being a mother myself, I think of all the amazing moments I get to share with my kids.
Their high moments and their low moments.
I try to raise them up and keep them organized and love them to bits.
I never really know what that looks like as I am usually the one photographing them being funny, candid, creative or wild!
Luckily I have some amazing and talented friends who have photographed us on separate occasions.
I now have my own story with my own children. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s raw but it’s my life and I love it.

My own story also includes my mother in law, because lets be honest, my kids wouldn’t be around with out her!
While I miss seeing my own Mom mess around with my kiddos, I’m always thankful for the loving relationship I have with
Trudi, my mother in law, and the love she showers on my kids and the kindness she bestows on me.
I know that when I have something totally silly to share, she will listen, and my kids know that when I am being
a total bear, Grandma will save them. We have a great relationship and a great life all together. I have included one photo in this mix of her
and her Mom, and Geordie ( my husband) and our eldest daughter, that I love from our time together in Manitoba some years ago.
Trying to find a photo of Trudi and I together is hard, so we might need our own session to fix that up!

To celebrate Mothers, I am hosting a Mothers Day Event in Brooks Alberta on May 13th, 2017
It’s Mom or Grandma’s chance to get in front of the camera with their own mothers, or their own children and create a visual story of their own.


Date: May 13, 2017 10.00am – 3.00pm
Location: Brooks, Alberta (at a local park, yet to be determined)
Cost: Sessions are $60.00 + GST and include 1 digital image.
Sessions are 15 minutes. You will receive 10 images in your viewing gallery.
Additional digital images can be purchased for $75.00/each or the whole session is available for $340.00 +GST.
Prints sold separately.

You must RSVP to book your spot by emailing rachel@rachelboekel.com or calling 403-363-7579

*Alternatively a Gift Certificate for a family session is also a lovely way to celebrate.

Photos below are by a bevy of lovely and talented photographers:
Brittany Esther, Dana Pugh, Roxy Grove & Niki Boon

BoekelFamily191Photos by Brittany Esther



Photo by Brittany Esther – I can just feel her hand on me, I love this moment, this frame this capture from my wedding day.


Maternity photos by Dana Pugh – sheesh that was a chilly dip in the river, but I’m so glad we did it!

Newborn Photos also by Dana Pughboekelheal-108


This is another favourite. Love our moment together with my Mom.


Photo by Brittany Esther.


Nothing like getting kisses from your mom to make you laugh!


Newborn Photos by Roxy GroveIMG_4805

This photo is also a favourite. My Mom passed away a month and a half later, but was there for
the birth of our second daughter!

I love this silly capture by my amazing husband.


Newborn Photos by Roxy Grove.084Parks

Boekel Family 2016 (52 of 455)

These classic ‘us’ moments were captured by Niki Boom during a family session in Canmore late last year.
I love that these really represent me as a mother and our ordinary lovely life!Boekel Family 2016 (108 of 455)

Boekel Family 2016 (352 of 455)

Thanks for checking in!

I hope to meet you behind my camera soon!

xx, Rachel

April 10, 2017 - 7:07 pm Debbie Berg - Rachel, thank you for sharing such deep special personal moments. The eloquent words and moving photo's expose your soul to us all. Love them all.

April 12, 2017 - 2:07 pm Lisa Ochowycz - Beautiful Rach! My heart is full (and my eyes with tears.) Oh, the power of photography!

April 13, 2017 - 10:16 am Ryan Kiedrowski - Amazing to have those memories! It's wild how an image can transport you back to a moment (we had that same wood coffee table, too!).

April 18, 2017 - 12:30 am Marlies Lammers - Dear Rachel, Once in a while I take a peek at your blog. I'm glad you're doing well. Beautiful pictures of you and your family. Greetings from Amsterdam! Marlies Lammers (your cousin)

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