Calin + JP Winter Wedding :: Rachel Boekel Photography ::

Calin and JP were married on a warm February afternoon in Brooks, Alberta at St. Mary’s Catholic Church
followed by a wonderful reception at Trinity Luthern Church down the street.
Warm meant no snow, which was a bummer when you plan a Winter Wedding, but weather
is such a small element of a wedding day. Love, now that is the forecast we were after and boy did
we ever get that in spades!

Calin and JP along with their families are bathed in love and respect and attention.
It makes my job so easy, I just get to sit back and watch the emotions flow over. I hope you
can see what I am talking about in the photos below.

The way JP’s Mom attentively put on his corsage, along with that embrace that was so bright and the
way Calin’s Dad teared up at the sight of his beautiful daughter in her wedding gown. Now that is some Love.

Calin had Cosmo hair in Brooks look after her hair and had makeup artists Amanda and Lindsay do her makeup.
I love the image of the veil being put on, and all of the hands that it took to put it in place, secure it and care for Calin.
Moments, that’s what I’m after, those moments. Give me moments any day!

Calin and JP chose to do a first look.
I LOVE a first look.
First looks take a lot of pressure off the day, and they are a great way to have a moment with your future
husband and wife before things get real.
We choose to do the first look at Calin’s family farm just outside of Duchess, AB and I loved the white barn
and most of all their glee at seeing each other for the first time. Their wedding party was a spirited bunch that had no
problem being bossed around the yard by yours truly, for which I am always thankful for.

Sometimes Often, when I am setting up shots, or working with couples I mutter a lot of stuff
out loud to my head and I sometimes always get my lefts and rights mixed up in mirror form,
so I’m always thankful for people who are quietly patient while my brain and my mouth catch up to each other.
These guys were all very patient!

Another shout out to Prairie Blooms who never fail to do an amazing job with florals.
Willy has a knack for putting together multiple colours, layers and ideas and it works out so
beautifully! I think she did a brilliant job with Calin and JP’s flowers.

It was such an honour to photograph your wedding Calin and JP, thank you for including me in your
wedding day, I love your spirit, joy and love for each other!





















May 5, 2017 - 9:49 pm connie runyon - Love the photos. Calin and JP you had a beautiful wedding.

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