Pat and Soulafa :: Bragg Creek Maternity Session ::

I met Pat and Soulafa on the edge of Calgary, where the foothills move toward the mountains, and the
strong prairie landscape still stretches vastly in front of you. It was a very windy day when we met for our Bragg
Creek maternity session, but nothing can un-ruffle these two with their big sense of humour and exciting adventure ahead.

Patric and Soulafa are from so many different corners of the world and so I love that they chose
to do their sessions out in the windy world.

Patric is a Swiss-Canadian and Soulafa a Syrian- Canadian and they both blend their cultures and
histories together so nicely. I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding in Canmore, Alberta at the Hive Gallery
and Gathering last summer, and watched as their worldly family celebrated them in every way. There was even a Haka dance
from a New Zealand niece. The best part about these two is how diverse and broad minded and kind they are, and how
supported and loved by their families they are.

Soulafa had a clear idea of what she wanted. As they didn’t and still don’t know the sex of the baby, they wanted to
incorporate different coloured balloons in their maternity session. We used the single red ballon on the hay bales.
(I realize that by saying “hay bales” and not just “bales” I have outed myself as a non-native prairie girl)
I love the contrast of the red ballon with the beautiful Rocky Mountain range loading up the background.
Boy, those Rocky Mountains  sure do make a magnificent backdrop for a photo session!
Pat has mad jumping skills, and when put to the test, he nailed his position and ballon hold in one shot.
Scroll down for a sampling!

When we moved locations and attempted to retrieve the pink and blue balloons from the back of the car,
we underestimated the braveness of the wind, which, in an instant had all of the strings crossed and pulled together.
The other lovely thing about Pat and Soulafa is their flexibility. We lost the idea of separate pink and blue balloons for this maternity session,
but gained a wonderful mix, and a big blowing colourful show!

I am always inspired by a new landscape to photograph, and certainly the foothills provided a fabulous
new spot to explore. Sometimes it takes someone with a great idea to collaborate on to get great images,
and I am so glad that Pat and Soulafa had a vision of for their maternity session.

Thank you for the fun filled afternoon Pat and Soulafa, and happy days ahead!

Soulafa+Pat_Maternity1460 Soulafa+Pat_Maternity1437









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