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D and J are engaged! :: Rainier Wedding Photographer ::

We were supposed to photograph on Valentines Day, which I later learnt is when these two first met. Unfortunately it was windy enough to blow you out of town, so we rescheduled. I promise you we haven’t seen the sun for weeks in Brooks. WEEKS! ┬áBut it made no difference yesterday. These two were wonderful. […]

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dear spring… :: Alberta Winter Photographer ::

If I was writing a letter to the season of ‘Spring’ it would go something like this. Dear Spring, I know you are months and months away and I am okay with that. I really am enjoying winter and the fresh snow that is gently making it’s way on my lawn is beautiful. In fact […]

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Little Ms. B :: Brooks Alberta Kids Photography ::

The time this session took from phone call to end of session was about 45 minutes. Ms. B is so herself. She is at that age of kicking snow, playing, having fun and making snow angels… in a skirt! What a great way to spend 45 minutes; photographing the happiness of playing in the snow! […]

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