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With the news of snow in many parts of Alberta I started thinking about my first snow day of the season.
Geordie and I were up at Assiniboine Lodge a few weeks ago and it snowed, just a light dusting but snow none the less.
The trip to the lodge was a big treat for us. I spent most of the weekend doing photography work and Geordie drew and hiked.
The food was outstanding. Simply tantalizing. (If you haven’t already noticed, I love good food!)
We also spent some time trying to find the grizzly mama that was in the area, (at a distance of course) but no luck.


I was a little embarrassed that I wasn’t out there every time Mt. Assiniboine came out from behind the snowy clouds
trying to get the ‘shot’ because everyone else was. I am not a keen nature photographer, I’m actually quite terrible at it.
I went out a couple times to try to be one but I realized I’m all about the eyes. Eyes don’t lie. They show love, compassion, lust and sadness too.
I love reacting to peoples eyes and to their emotion which is why I seem to have found myself in the wonderful world of portrait / wedding photography.
I love it when people throw me their eyes; words without sound.  Matt Damon does that so well (swoon).

I tried though – here is the view from our cabin. And above is Geordie hiking on our Grizzly mission.

I won’t be posting on the weekends very often but I did want to share Assiniboine with you.

Also, I will be traveling to New York October 27 – November 9.  If you are a New Yorker interested in a session
please send me an email, if you’re an Albertan interested in a session I have limited sessions available between now and November.

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