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This isn’t the original image I was planning on sharing today.
I woke up in a cloud of fog and with beautiful feathery snow on the ground and clinging to trees. I was pretty excited. I love winter.
Cool crisp days like today. Hmmm….
When the sun peaked out and drove the fog away it brought with it a sky so blue, a sky that can only get that shade of blue in the winter.
A light, airy, bright and subtle blue. Under my boots the snow was so crisp it crunched and breathed as I moved over it. It breathed!
You’d know the sound if you’re a winter person, it’s like an exhale. A soft exhale as you push forward with your toes and move onto the next step.
I totally dig this season. I can hardly wait to strap on skis and breath in air that makes your nostrils freeze.
My Dad called yesterday to tell me he went skiing and that he’d had an ‘adrenaline rush’. He wanted to rub it in. I love adrenaline.

Not today. Not this week.
This week went by fast and everyone around me seemed to be working hard.
For me the work was rewarded by this bright sunny snow Saturday.


April 30, 2010 - 7:06 pm amber tsoi - you have such a fantastic way with nature! I look forward to reading about, and seeing your photos. Thanks!

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