Love2Love :: Lilacs ::

Lilacs are in my top 3 of favorite flowers.
I look forward every Spring to the sudden burst of purple on every street corner. They only last so long.
Every year I bring my Mom the first lilacs of spring. I used to pick them on my way home from school.
These days I bring them from Brooks to Canmore in a cup. Brooks always blooms eons before Canmore does.
(One of the big perks to prairie living, so you know.)

If I was allowed I would have big lilac bunches in every room in my house. Unfortunately the smell is too consuming for my husband.
You can find me driving around the neighborhoods and scoping out whose lilacs are lushiest.  (I know that is not a word)
Basically I’m helping prune the bushes. :)


June 5, 2010 - 10:38 am Okaa - Again you brought them all the way from Brooks. Thanks so much is smells great.

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