H & S at Dinosaur Provincial Park :: Dinosaur Provincial Park Photographer ::

It feels like Monday around here!
I was so lucky to have 4 ¬†friends come down to Brooks this past weekend, I don’t often get a lot of visitors out here
as I spend so much time in Canmore I catch up with most everyone there.  Two of my visitors this weekend
came through Brooks on their way to Canmore from Norway. It was pretty special to have them out here and
to get to show them a bit of my fairly new and special home. Of course it’s not a trip to Brooks without a tour of
Dinosaur Provincial Park and it’s not a trip to see me without a few pictures.

(I spy with my little eye…)IMG_9632



July 13, 2010 - 5:09 pm Marise - GREAT photographer with WONDERFUL friends!!

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