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I love handmade.
I am a bit of an etsy stalker.

When our little girl was born it was amazing the kind of talent that came out of the closet with friends and family.

This post was meant for Valentines day as ‘things I love’. As you can tell I’m just a wee bit behind.
Then I was thinking of getting back on the “Love2Love” Friday train, but then that passed as well… so here you go Tuesday afternoon…

Can you sense the bird/owl trend? The owl is V’s favorite animal/bird. Seriously, she told me so herself.
She’s nuts for them so we just gave in and let her have her way and let her decorate as she wished.

L-R: Owl painting/paperwork from Melanie Berg, Owl Hanger from my Mom, Rabbit toy from my Mom… she’s a crafty lady,
Felt Bird Mobile by Emily McDoogal, if we’re lucky she’ll have an etsy shop soon…. :)
Quilt from Melanie Berg…from Melanie Berg…I sure hope she sets up at the Farmers Market in Brooks!!
Painting by Lisa Ochowycz, Mobile that my Mom and I made and another painting by the talented Ms. Ochowychz.
Quilt from Geordie’s Mom… it’s so nice and warm.

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