The Powell Family :: Brooks AB Photographer ::

I’ve been feeling it lately.
You know ‘it’… when everything pulls together perfectly. Subject, weather, chemistry… snap snap snap.
This session kicked it all of.

Something funky happened on this particular evening.
A fog rolled in onto Lake Newell. Off in the distance, far enough away but close enough to us.
The sun filtered through and Carmen, Adam and Paxton just shone.
They shone from the inside.
I thought I caught something lucky, something unique and a quick moment in time.
You might call it a particular “energy” for the session.

Carmen is Ashley’s sister. Ashley married Dale last weekend and I was fortunate enough to photograph their day.
What I noticed at the wedding is that Carmen and Adam and Paxton own that energy. The inside out energy.
As do the rest of their family.

What a truly wonderful thing to have and to be able to capture. I heart my job.

June 29, 2011 - 6:26 am Okaa - What an awesome pictures Rachel "Zo trots op je"

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