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Family Day.
Hmmm… We used to always say that it was just another holiday that inspired the politicians to get votes. Now I beg to differ.

This year I am on a very serious celebrating binge.

I have a very special and dear relationship with my family.
We are so much more than friends and so much bigger than family.
We speak every day; we talk about what we had for breakfast, conversations we had with friends, sometimes we call just to say goodnight.
I count myself so lucky to have found the same sort of relationships in my husbands family. Trusting, Caring, Loving…

I am truly blessed with all of my family.

This year has been a big year for us, we’ve counted our blessings, we’ve held each others hands and we’ve appreciated every single little moment.
My Mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last March. It has been a tough time, but if you know my family we don’t last very long on dreary.
Instead, we’ve put our best foot forward, My Mom especially and my Dad too, embracing each other and the moments.
Sometimes life throws you these horrible curve balls and the questions on why, how and what now start rolling.

My brother shared the best advice with me in the beginning of this journey; he said, “don’t grieve about what hasn’t happened yet, enjoy what is now.”
Simple and yet so big.
I count my brother as one of my best friends and although he’s younger than me, he often has some good wisdom to share.

A year on we continue to do this, to spend time together, to create memories and to love.
Along the way my Mom is still recovering and having good ups! I love my families for this.

I love my husbands family for supporting, sharing and caring and being such a leaning post.
I love my family for strength,  positiveness, and proactivness.

We always choose happy and it’s gotten us a long way.

I’m celebrating family day this year as well because we are going to have a new little baby in our family in June. Vera will be a great big sister.

So I am celebrating! A Family Day Photo Special!

I am offering 10% off of all family sessions and disc purchases booked before March 1st.
I have limited spots available at the moment and will be taking my first real maternity leave from May through to the end of August.
If you’ve been thinking about booking a family session, now is a good time!

I am sharing two photos of a summer session I did when a friends parents were visiting.
This is why I love doing family sessions.
This is why I believe so much in family sessions.
Creating moments that we can share and cherish down the road.

Happy Celebrating!

February 26, 2012 - 7:26 am Susan Sirag - Wow, what a beautifull story you hsve written..... Proud to be your family!!! Cheers to a special year with 2 new family members on the way!

March 15, 2012 - 7:10 am Martin - Great Story Rachel... I hope everthing is going well with your pregnancy and ofcourse with your mother ! Martin

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