Canmore Alberta Photographer ::Heidi and Mark and their Bump! ::

It’s a bit of a Canmore locals week on my blog!
I went to school with Trevor, who was in my last post, marrying the stunning Janelle, and today
I get to share one of my oldest friends, Heidi and her sweet bump, which she and her sweet man Mark made.

Heidi grew up next door to our family. We spent a lot of our childhood playing house, building forts, sleeping over, and forming rock bands.
Clearly our rock star dreams didn’t pan out. I feel sorry for what you are all missing ;)

Heidi and I are both the eldest child, something I am learning a little bit more about having had my own children,
and something I look forward watching Heidi learn about with her first child. What is absolutely certain is that
Mark and Heidi will be amazing parents and I can stinking wait to meet their little person so soon!

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