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As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I am moving in the direction of lifestyle documentary photography.
This is definitely not new to me as I studied photo journalism in school, worked in newspapers and interned at Magnum in NYC.
All of this was with the focus on documentary photography, so it feels really natural for me to be pulled back to where
my heartstrings pulled me in the very beginning.

With this fun photo session below, with the always fun and exuberant Van Der Linde family, I asked if we
could start the session at the hockey arena where they spend a lot of time during the winters watching, supporting and cheering
their boys on with hockey. I really do have the best clients, and I am appreciative for the trust and creative freedom I am so often
given and I feel lucky to get a chance to capture their extraordinary ordinary.

The boys play in the Brooks Minor Hockey  League, and the arena was full of parents taking in their children’s hard work
on the ice. The Centennial Regional Arena in Brooks (home to the Brooks Bandits) is a pretty boss facility to play hockey in, and I love the space that
is available for families to run around while games are happening on the ice. Well mostly for the kids to run around!

One thing I think is really important about lifestyle documentary photography, is that it is completely unique!
It is completely about your story, your life and your experience.
Especially photographing family documentary photography in Brooks, Alberta and area there are so many
great stories to tell, so many wonderful experiences in our little community.

F who was on the ice that Saturday scored 2 goals, just shy of a hat trick!

After our time at the Centennial Regional Arena we headed back to the Van Der Linde house to
capture a few moments of them hanging out. Erichs Mom was visiting from South Africa
and it was important to capture them all together.
My favourite image of this group might just be the last one in this blog post.
These boys are known to me, so I loved directing their energy to jump, move, play and laugh together.
You’ll have to scroll all the way down to see!

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