Ugly Mug Pottery Party :: Brooks Alberta Photographer ::

Brooks, AB has so many great artists and artisans and I always love an opportunity to
meet a new one, and also try out a new craft.
Pottery has always been pretty unattainable in my brain as something I could do. I’m crafty with my
eyes but not so much with my hands. Recently I have been trying to do more with my hands and last year I started taking
Thursday night painting classes with Rita at Red Roof Studio. Whoa, have I ever enjoyed it!
Pottery was just as much of a creative feast.
We met up with Meg from Ugly Mug Pottery and Yoga at the Brooks Handicraft guild for a evening
of pottery hand building. Meg gave us easy and attainable instructions and then left us creative control.
We got to roll out, cut out and build the clay houses, and Meg took over to dry, fire and glaze the pieces.
We also drank wine, laughed and teased and enjoyed the evening, and I think I enjoyed it as much
as the painting classes because it was such a social and tangible experience. And, as a bonus, there is a finished product.
I know that Red Roof Studio has been hosting a lot of parties and I think its a great way to celebrate a birthday,
bride or just your friends, and I think of this pottery experience in the same way. This new little
house that I will get to pull out every year at Christmas will remind me of a wonderful evening spent with friends.

I think the gift of art and experience should be at the top of everyones Christmas list this year. Lets spend more time together!
Red Roof Studio and Ugly Mugs and Rachel Boekel Photography (shameless plug) all do Gift Certificates! #letsmakememories

If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see the finished product lit up, it’s a perfect little piece to
pull out for Christmas.







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