Baby Branson :: Bassano Alberta Newborn Photography ::

I love a winter newborn session. When it’s snowy, or grey, or blowing outside, being inside with a little
baby is just about the coziest thing in the world.
This little boy was no exception. It took us a few moments to get to know each other, and after
that it was smooth sailing. This little guy was super easy and made for a fun afternoon, and his
parents were pretty great too!

Newborns can be tricky and sometimes it can be tricky if the new Mom and Dad are unsure of me,
but these two new parents have this show dialled and this little guy was just 4 days old. They looked like
old hats in the game and boy oh boy did I ever love their big laughs and loving gaze at their sweet boy.

It was awesome finding out that these two were married in Canmore, Alberta (my hometown!) and
getting to share some connections to the mountains while being firmly planted in the wild and wide prairies.
I’m always glad to veer off the highway into Bassano, AB and have a purpose there.
One of my favourite places to visit in the summer is the Bassano outdoor pool. Have you been? It’s a total win.
That’s only for the summer, and since it’s still snowy, wintery and well, Winter, grab a cup of something
warm and check out this cute, cozy and snuggly little winter baby.

Thank you Louise and Darby for inviting me to photograph your little beauty!







I’m totally in love with this painting, which I found out was by Justine Louis.

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