Canadian Badlands Tourism Ambassador

So very often I am met with a funny face when people inquire as to where I live.
“Brooks?” they answer, and then quickly their nose scrunches.
Sometimes their next question is “why?” or “really?” or “huh” with a long pause….

Yes, we all know, Brooks has a reputation to smell like cow poop.
Bam – I said it.
But who cares, thats only one of 5 amazing senses.

My favourite people are the ones who answer:
“Oh awesome, that big sky is something else.”
“That’s close to Dinosaur Provincial Park, we love it there”
“Oh lucky, there is good bird watching and Kinbrook Island Provincial Park”

To put it in perspective, I’m a mountain girl, born and raised in Canmore, Alberta.
It’s easy to love Canmore.
I grew into a family and wedding photographer in the rocky mountains and then met my
now husband and followed him to his hometown of “beautiful and bountiful” Brooks. I embraced
this new life with wide open arms and can’t fit it in my embrace because of it’s vastness.

So. When I meet with a scrunched up nose person, rather than kick them in the shins,
I hit them with words.

I am passionate about the prairies. Most of the best people I know are products of this
environment. Salt of the earth people.
You can’t experience a prairie sunset and not be in awe. A prairie crocus sighting
in the spring will offer inspiration in a pastel landscape. The sight of cows lingering on the horizon
or hay bales guarding fields and that golden glow of canola, that is what Alberta calendars are made of.

That is what I throw out there.

I was very thrilled and honour when Jody Robbins and Pete Heck got in touch through
the Canadian Badlands Tourism Association to ask if I could join them
as ambassadors for the Brooks area this summer.

Heck YES!

To be able to spread prairie love and experiences is what I love to do as a photographer,
so a bonus is that I get to share it with a wider audience.
I look forward to sharing my photo sessions, and what it is to be a prairie dweller with
more people. The Brooks and Badlands peoples stories are this landscapes stories. It’s
an important part of the weave that makes this place so humble, kind, hardworking,
raw, full, brilliant, energetic and inspiring!

With my family and portrait and wedding sessions, I am working to incorporate your real life stories.
If you are a blog follower, you’ve likely read below how I am inspired by authenticity and telling
stories. (if you aren’t, scroll down to check out my “jam”)
The story is the best part. I have had a lot of magical moments with people
in their homes, on the prairies, in the marsh, around dinosaur bones sharing their experiences
through my camera lens. As an ambassador for the region, I hope you will help me
share your experience and your life and what makes Brooks and area so unique. Follow
along through the #MyBadlands and #CBTAmbassador tags to see what fellow ambassadors
are scoping out as well. It’s going to be an amazing summer celebrating our home.

And hey, if are dreaming up photo session ideas, leave me a comment below on what
experiences are unique in the area for you. I love new sources of inspiration and I’d love
to capture your story!

This photo below is of fellow Canadian Badlands Ambassador and photographer Ryan Kiedrowski
and his family during a portrait session at Dinosaur Provincial Park. I can’t wait to share
more of this fun session soon, and the big stories that go along with it.

What a lucky place to call home!

dinosaur provincial park


April 25, 2017 - 10:14 am Ryan Kiedrowski - Absolutely thrilled with this image, Rachel! We had so much fun that day, and it was such a treat to have you there capturing these memories! These images will be come family heirlooms where Eusebia and I not only remind our kids about when they were small, but when they tell their children about that day under the big sky.

April 27, 2017 - 7:35 pm Dbbie Berg - Rachel you already are a fabulous Canadian Badlands Ambassador, they are fortunate to have you on their team.

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