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Every time graduation rolls around it reminds me of 2001.
It also inspires me pull my lilac coloured homemade flamenco styled prom dress
out of the closet and remember what it felt like to be ready.

Okay so that is uber vague (are you grads still using the word uber?)

Ready as in…. Go. Giver. Onward. Jump!
I probably haven’t felt that ready since.
Graduation was the beginning of that feeling and it was the raw kind of Ready.
The best kind of ready!

At my own graduation, which was held at Mount Norquay in Banff National Park,
I remember doing the Grand March while trying to balance on heels that I had no business wearing.
(They were kitty heels – I’m a hiking boots kind of girl!)
But I was ready and I was wearing heels no matter the discomfort.
I’ve been searching high and low for my photo albums to share a photo of me in my Grad Dress, but no dice so far!

Little did I know that years and years later, in that same venue, I’d be feeding my own kids lunch in between ski
runs of the bunny hill and doing mountain bike laps of Stoney Squaw with my husband
or photographing families playing in the snow.

But, back to the prairies….

Every year since I’ve been in Brooks, I’ve had the luck of photographing several graduation
sessions and I love them. I love meeting and photographing a graduate at the start of that ready moment.
It’s a nervous, happy, teary and wonderful occasion. Sometimes families bump into the photo frame and
you can feel the pride and admiration of parents and grandparents.

It’s a moment worth celebrating and so this year I am doing a Pop Up Event.
A Graduation Special Photo Event for Brooks and area graduates on May 26th.
Check out the poster below and book your spot. There are only 10 spots available.
Fun, fast, formal with a sprinkling of candid portrait sessions.

To Book:
Email: or call you right back 1-403-363-7579


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