The Kiedrowski’s in Dinosaur Provincial Park :: Rachel Boekel Photography ::

I hosted a contest awhile back for a 2hr documentary photography session and had so
many great comments and replies to my blog post, discussing the idea of “what if you fly.”
(I have a blog post to share tomorrow of what the last 3 months since that blog post have looked like!)
The winner of that contest was Ryan and Eusebia Kiedrowski and I am so happy to share their images today!

Ryan is also a Brooks, Alberta local photographer as well and does videography. It’s always
amazing photographing a fellow photographer because they know when the sun is good, what the best backdrop
is and how to just hang out. I had such an amazing session with them, filled with wild adventures!

When I first showed up at the top parking lot at Dinosaur Provincial Park for this family photography session,
I was met with a funny scene. There was a whole gang of people dressed up in grim reaper costumes and some looking
like farmers… and then I had an aha moment and recognized Lindi Ortega from a conversation
my husband and I had had the night before, that she was in town. They were filming a music video!
Dinosaur Provincial Parks wild and abstract landscape attracts so many creative people.
I’ve been following some amazing photographers through Instagram doing some starry night work in Dinosaur Prov. Park
lately and aurora captures. The landscape is dramatic and inspiring to say the least.

At any rate. I was excited that the Kiedrowski’s chose Dinosaur Provincial Park to play and adventure in
for their lifestyle session. When they arrived their kids promptly got to work putting up a kite.
I’m not sure parrots have flown above the badlands before, but they sure did that day!
While I was catching Aleta with the kite we heard a giant shriek and scream from a little below in the coulee.
Thea and Eusebia had stumbled upon a rattlesnake basking in the warm sunshine.

Okay, so before you freak out and think of never going to the Badlands ever again. Please know that
in all of my years of trekking through the area and visiting the park, I have never seen a rattlesnake.
And, I still haven’t!
That shriek had Ryan down the coulee in a moment and me at the top making sure a cool young boy
named Jack didn’t end up stumbling into a cactus or down the hill.
So, I don’t have an impressive photo of a snake with a family scampering up the coulee,
but no snake bites were had, and a good story is told!
Type 2 fun as it is often referred to in our family!

My favourite part about these photography lifestyle sessions is just seeing what unfolds.
You can’t predict the light, the landscape or the kids and capturing the spontaneousness of the
day is what I get pretty excited about.

After our  their exciting / nerve-wracking snake encounter, we headed down the big hill and into the
park where we chased photo of the first crocus’s of spring, and played in the soft, sandy silt that is
such a child’s treat. Adventures in Dinosaur Provincial Park with families always
lead to inquisitive moments, and these kids knew a lot about the landscape and area.
I could tell that this family spends a lot of time together playing, exploring and interacting.
They were comfortable together, and as a photographers family, they were pretty comfortable
with a camera in their faces!

Thank you Kiedrowskis for having me along for such an adventurous and inspiring day!













May 15, 2017 - 8:11 am Ryan Kiedrowski - Thanks again for the fun adventure! You captured everyone's personalities perfectly. We had so much fun, and thanks for the fantastic blog post!

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