And then there were three! :: Brooks Alberta Family Lifestyle Photography ::

You’ve seen Connie and her family on here before as I’ve had the opportunity
to photograph her and her family for almost 10 years.
She might very well be my longest standing client and she is one of my closest friends.

I love that when we talked about this photography session, she said to me; just capture my chaos.
That is my dream job!

Being real, being wild, being a family in the most authentic way.
For this family of 5 that is; wrestling in the backyard, reading books in bed and snacking midway through it all to keep morale high.

I loved getting to snuggle their newest baby boy.
Yup, that’s 3 boys and one Dad for wrestling matches down the road!

Thank you for letting me in  and capturing what I get to see all the time when we just hang out;
your love for each other, your silliness, your play, your chaos.
Your ordinary is extraordinary!










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